Indoor Rowing Machine: Concept2 Model D and E Comparation and Review

Indoor Rowing Machine Concept2 Model D and E Comparation and Review

Indoor Rowing Machine: Concept2 Model D and E Comparation and Review

If you go to the gym, schools, or sport clubs you will likely notice that these places equipped them self with Concept2 indoor rowing machines as this particular brand is the most recommended by many people if you want to have better cardio workout and full body workout. Thus, what is so special about this machine that makes everybody enjoy it so much? First of all, Concept2 offers two variants of indoor rowing machine and they are the model D and model E. There are not much of a difference between the two, the model D comes with a PM3 computer and model E comes with a PM4, however one can have a PM4 computer on Concept2 model D with additional cost.

The PM4 is actually an automatic performance monitor that turns on as you begin to row, the computer immediately gives feedback and at the same time recharging its battery; this one is a fine feature that has not been offered by the PM3 which solely tracks your performance data like speed, pace, distance as well as calories and display them on to the monitor.

For anyone who prefers having a seat with not too far distance from the ground they can choose concept2 model D with 14 inches height while the model E offers 6 inches higher (20 inches). One of the things that also distinguish between the two models is that Concept2 model E has a double powder coated with clear over coat for added durability. Although both models have different weight – 57 pounds for model D and 65 pounds for model E – the two models still can be easily folded for storage and be assembled to be used. You are only going to need 25″ x 33″ x 54.5″ of space for compact storage (model E requires 25″ x 47″ x 54.5″) and if you want to exercise with the machines they will only need 8 feet by 2 feet assembled and 9 feet by 4 feet required for use.

It seems like either Concept2 model D or E has been enjoyed by a lot of people from any physical background to maintain or improve their fitness performance and it has been for quite a long time, it is not much of a surprise since Concept2 indoor rowing machines provide comfort for any rower, quite and painless in operating. The resistance that the machines provide for the rowers is just perfect for complete body workout from head to toe. Both machines are not only easy on ankles and knees, but also excellent for chest, back, arms, legs as well as abdominals. A good rowing technique also gives you a good cardio workout. Aside of giving you so much physical benefits, a perfect indoor rowing machine also serves as wonderful stress reliever if you workout with a perfect rhythmic nature of rowing.

So, sophisticated tracking computers, easy storage, quite, accurate and beneficial physical effects as well as durability is a such complete package that Concept2 model D (or E) indoor rowing machine can deliver should anyone needs the best indoor rowing machine to maintain or improve their fitness performance.

One other thing that rowers get by using either Concept2 Model D or E indoor rowing machine is that Concept2 provide their rowers with personal assistance such as technical assistance, a pair of rowing shorts, a new logbook, or motivation to exercise. Rowers can also actively share, compare and even participate in an online challenge by visiting free online logbook and joining virtual rowing club. They can exchange training ideas with a community of fellow rowers on the forum as well.

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