About this website

We felt that the market requires a specific elaborated platform related to rowing machine. Yet even now with the thousands of reviews on Amazon, and many other review websites, you still can’t be sure about the validity of the information you find. Who are the people posting their opinions? Are experts on these machines? Or do they have an interest in promoting a particular brand?

Our main motive was to help the users who are confused in choosing the perfect rowing machine for themselves depending on their needs and budget.


So we had the idea of starting this website to help people like myself who wanted honest, unbiased opinions of the machines available on the market. As during that era, the content available on the internet related to rowing machine was lacking on a lot of major points that should be covered while talking about a particular rowing machine like pros & cons, features, specification, benefits, rating, etc. Hence was unable to satisfy the user by providing a clear picture of the product. We approached people at gyms, on social media and other fitness forums, and asked if they would be happy to share their views on the models they own and use. And thankfully many were.

If you want to get fit and stay fit, we believe a rowing machine is one of the best way to do it – but only if you get a model you’re going to want to use and with one that won’t let you down. We also want you to know how to use the machine and stay motivated to keep using it. So for that reason, we also provide users with various information directly or indirectly related to rowing machine such as rowing machine maintenance guide, Rowing machine Workouts, rowing machine motivation tips, etc.

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We hope you find my approach helps you achieve your fitness goals. If you have any questions, or would like to send me your views of your rowing machine, please contact our here.

Thanks for joining us!