Rowing Machine Exercise For Your Heart

Rowing Machine Exercise For Your Heart

Rowing Machine Exercise For Your Heart

The rowing machine exercise has been around forever. Most of us know how fit and lean professional rowers are, as the sport favors the fittest and most strong to get the boat to the finish line. Luckily, those of us who don’t wish to be a professional rower, or don’t have ready access to water and/or rowboats can make use of the benefits that rowing has on the human body.

Most gyms have several rowing machines available, in varying forms. There are machines designed strictly around cardiovascular exercise, where you pull on levers or a cable with a bar and actually mimics a row-boat quite accurately. (Note: There are also machines that mimic the movement a rower would make, but are much more focused on pulling heavier weights with your back and arm muscles, to build strength and size).

To really get an excellent cardiovascular workout, try putting yourself through the paces with a low-resistance rowing machine exercise routine for 20 – 30 minutes. Where a rowing machine for building size should only be used for a few sets, you can use a heart-building rowing machine for a healthier heart, while also building strength and endurance in your back and arms.

People who have lower back problems will want to start off slow, with perhaps only 15 minute sessions for a week or two, in order to assess whether your back can handle the rowing motion. However, performed correctly, your heart and body will adapt quite easily to the rowing machine exercise you put it through and the entire body is put to work with the rowing motion.

Try to finish each session with a light sauna, whirlpool, or hot bath to help keep your muscles loose. Stretching is equally important before and after, along with a light walk to cool down and relax your cardiovascular system.

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